I am so going short again.

I remembered saying last time that i wanted to keep my hair long. So i was keeping it for more than a year now.But oh my god, i am so not a long hair person.

I just cant stand the irritating long hair clinging to my neck especially when it is a hot day. So now eventhough my hair is quite long i always find myself tying up a ponytail or just clipping it with a claw.

Plus the bleached part of the hair that i did in early 2008 is a nightmare. Seriously,its so “dead” and dry.

I am heading for the saloon this afternoon.I think the last trip was in June last year,to get my hair dyed darker. Lamanye!

By the way, i checked out some cool styles for round face, from the web and i think i like these:

Hayden Panettiere
Hayden Panettiere
Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes
Hayden Panettiere
Kelly Clarkson

 But still,there is some hair at the neckline..hurm..but yet its nice..



4 thoughts on “I am so going short again.

  1. short hair lg senang nak manage+ less hair loss..akak haritu pun dah nk sampai waist..tp mmg rimas n sgt susah bile time mencuci n mengeringkan..soo recently dah potong lebih kurang fashion hayden tu..akak suggest awak cube fashion katie holmes..nampak len skit..

  2. jllybee: so easy indeed! 🙂 u still short haired kan? since 2006 rasanya ko memang rambut pendek je.heheh.

    namo: yep kak namo..less hair loss tu sgt significant..salah satu sebab suka rambut pendek.huhu..katie holmes nice colour tapi dia punya bangs tu cam saya tak sesuai kot.dulu dah penah buat tapi last2 jadi belah tengah.huhu..

    will post the latest hairstyle soon!

  3. sarahtebuan

    ooo rambut aku yg pendek rupenye cm rambut kelly clarkson hehe mentang2 dah kaler rambut lagi 😛 tp skang dah itam2

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