You cannot go wrong with..

…a combination of karaoke and Baskin Robbins.

Ye,itu adalah 2 orang bos yang kaki karaoke
Can you resist a Jamoca Fudge,Fruit Parfait and Mint Chocs?
Let's karaoke

The end results was superfun. And thanks to hubby for letting me go. Wish you could join us dear 🙂 I know you are not a karaoke fan but you will love it,especially when i sing to you.Hehe.

This was a farewell party for our industrial trainee, Anisah and Azira. I dedicated Ella-Layar Impian to them.Go chase your dreams girls!

And here is my latest hairstyle.Takdela best sgt pun..heheh.Plus the hair is still dry coz there is still a remaining of coloured hair.I maybe going black for some time onwards,just to make it healthier again (i hope).



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