Satu siti situ

After a leisure drive of Kerteh-KL, I picked up Yuni dear from her outstation meeting in Subang and for the first time we try a bite of live poetry performance, Malam Puisi Utusan (MPU) held at Laman Santai, Istana Budaya.

Prominent literature figures that performed last night were Pyan Habib(marvellous performance), Datuk A. Samad Said (Catakserukin is so true), Khalid Salleh (so provoking) and some artists like Mila, Hujan, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, Hafiz AF, and also some other figures like astronaut-2-be Mejar Faiz, the one with tukang karut voice (he might be a tukang karut after all, his poems were performed in dikir songs), this professor with keris and patriotic poem, and that datin not-so-familiar.
Siti Nurhaliza
IMGP5669a IMGP5639a
The turnout was nice with some small stalls around serving drinks and light supper servings.
The hosts that night was Mr. Sabri Yunus and Mek SPT. I learnt a poem too last night, a one liner poem from Sabri Yunus,

Tuhan tidak pernah mahu kita merdeka.

-Sabri Yunus-

Last night was a surprise i keep for Yuni, just to see how much she bite into poetry icing. After an hour and 30 minutes,
..but she survives till the late supper filling, Kopratasa,
..with this for you deary yuni,

Permata (Untuk Isteri Ku)

Telah ku siapkan satu daerah paling sunyi
Dalam hati ini untuk kau isi sebagai isteri
Untuk kau penuhi dengan kemuliaan seorang wanita
Untuk kau beri erti dengan kelembutan
Untuk kau hargai dengan kasih sayang

Ku ingin kau jadi wanita mulia
Yang tahu harga budi dan hati
Seorang lelaki bernama suami

Kerana engkau isteri
Ku ingin kau mengerti bahawa hidup ini
Tak semudah yang kita janjikan
Yang kita janjikan
Kerana kau isteriku

P/s: i NEED a long zoooom lens now..



3 thoughts on “Satu siti situ

  1. erinchunk

    ok i nak gelak sebab lupa blog ni korang share berdua.ingatkan ayun meng’pickup’ dirinya sendiri di subang.

    and i’ve thought this is emri.sebab lense mung yang FISH EYE itu! 😀

  2. pembetulan : muka itu adalah dibuat2 je.hehehehehe.

    actually ada jugak poems yang best la 🙂 i like the balada seorang polis tu.heheh.and selsema babi.

    thanks for the pleasant surprise dear, at least i get to see Dato Siti and Hafiz AF in person. hihihi 🙂

    and i love the song,muahs.

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