Sambungan post sebelum ini.

Like she knows how much i miss my lil sis, mama called up last night and in our conversation,she shared something about Akila :

In her school over there , Akila is actually in the football team. Being one of the girls in the team, i bet that the boys had their eyes on them. And,being kids,boys always,always like to tease or annoy the girl of his liking (ok,this is my theory :P)

Anyway, this particular boy is such a bugger to her and is consistently annoying and calling her names. Because of my sis’s nature of being very determined,after a while she found a way to counter him back,

Knowing that the boy has no idea if she uses our mother tongue language,some fine day she approached the boy and said,

“Hey, i think your name is too long. Don’t you have a nickname?”

Boy, surprisingly “layan” her, says, “No,i don’t”

“Oh yeah.Well,do you want a nickname? Maybe, <then she gives out a few nicknames suggestions for him>”

Boy replied, “Nah,i don’t like them”.

Then she said, “Oh,how about ‘bodobab*’, do you like it?”

Then boy said, “Yeah”. She continued calling him with that name,of course,coz yeah,he likes it and aswers to the name 😛

There goes Akila.She really got him well.Padan muka.Berani you mess with her.I was laughing my ass off when mama told me this story.

Just plain smart lil sister.So proud of her 😀

Disclaimer :
I am not a racist or anything similar. I am also not condoning name callings,etc.It’s just that sometimes its good that you stick out for yourself and make full use of your advantage when someone annoys the hell out of you.


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