What is your lucky charm?

The first of the busy weekends of July now unravelled… Yuni spent her first weekend in Kerteh last week for the BPC Family Day (or is it Family Olympic?) in Awana Kijal Golf, Beach & Spa Resort which took place on Saturday. And it also was our first family day of us as a couple =). Sure there are a lot people in BPC! It must have been some time since i joined a large scale of family day like this, last time i recall was in the 90s when my family joined Petronas Family Day in Padang Lumba Kuda Jalan Ampang which now where the twin tower sprouted. After that Bapak join OGP and family day afterwards were more localized to OGP staffs only.

It was a good day in Awana. We, under the banner of Agogo, together with Yuni’s officemates, joined Sand Castle Contest and Mini Treasure Hunt. We didn’t win the treasure hunt but striked third place in sand castle, which was quite a surprise, we almost give up at hoping of at least not being the ugliest! Haha. But, a few tricks save the day..

Well, we must have had a lucky charm too when Yuni strike a lucky draw and won a microwave which now resides in my Kerteh ‘residential’. The family day ran for only half of a day which was good coz we can wind down especially when they have a very nice swimming pool to chill out.

Awana Kijal must have been majestic place at its early years and it shows its age especially in the room setting/decoration but still actively running resort, probably earning its business as the only 4 star hotel in 30km radius. Not to mention, nice food, especially the western food, also great breakfast buffet.

One weekend down, three more to go..
Have a fun Jolai!



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