Rasa rindu padamu.

Of all the downside of living separately (during the weekdays) from my husband, there is one particular thing that i find worth appreciating.

It’s the fact that I always look forward to the day he arrives home,with his messy undid hair, worn-out-from-work looks and his “Hunny, i am home” smile. It’s the fact that i get to feel excited with the anticipation of getting to spend another 2 days with him waking up beside me. It’s the fact that i get to do my favourite thing at the kitchen, cooking for him, eventhough sometimes it ends up a so-so cuisine.

Eventhough during the short time occassionally there may be some small arguments interlaced, but in the end, when it comes to Monday again, i always felt like hugging him tightly,never to let him go for the rest of the new weekdays.

2 days are never enough, spending quality time with him. But because its 2 days, it makes me appreciate his companionship even more.

p/s : Does not mean that we want to live like this forever, so look ahead, new plans are falling into place now. We will be updating. Heheh. And mind my emotional entry this time, coz i really miss him.


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