10 things that makes me happy.

Tagged by Erin.Really felt happy after reading her post so i guess i am passing the happy pill to you too 😉

On the way back home from honeymooning at Pulau Redang
  1. Sun,sea and sand vacation. Plus hubby.Or anyone whom i love the companion.
  2. Good food with great people.
  3. Having hubby around at home.
  4. Cooking something and it turns out good. Especially when its a first try.
  5. Honestly,shopping therapy 😛
  6. Spending time with my family.
  7. Crafting – especially if i could have any tools,colour,paper,materials that i want! (which never happened yet.heheh)
  8. Free cash!
  9. When i count my blessings.
  10. Travelling – so far i was very happy when i was in Paris 🙂 I wish i could go there again.

I am passing the pill to:  All readers who wish to be happy today 🙂


2 thoughts on “10 things that makes me happy.

  1. intanfareha

    owh beb i cant help..dahlama rase nk oyak gmbr tuh nampak so penyu!hahahah..ilah sure akan agree dgn aku!!

    beb..free cash??seriusly??who are you kidding man?
    tapi takpe..layan sudah wiken wiken ni!

    i want bbq at ur place with ilah and ciken and sesape lagi laa yang best 🙂 i will balik bawak coklat for you nnti 🙂

  2. yunayuni

    hahaha sesungguhnya aku tau muka di gambar tu cam penyu 😛 tapi takpe..sebab still maintain cute pe 😛

    yeayy cokelat..nak ritter~! ngeheh..

    cant wait to get together!

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