The Crib Project

Has been a while since i last updated.Honestly not so busy at work, but quite occupied at home.Or maybe just because i ran out of idea (uh oh).

I love writing.But the downside is that i am not so gifted with words, so that made my entry at least 2 paragraphs long.Which,contributes to a longer time when writing, which then made me look for the right time to write.Uh,whatever.

Anyway,i am feeling like making some progress updates on our latest endeavour.Or better known as a milestone (we should call it a milestone, right hubs?)

Before i start updating,maybe i should introduce the “project” to you.

Behold,our on-going,first time,biggest hole burnt in the pocket each month…

THE CRIB PROJECT (yeah i know i kinda sounds corny,but wth :P)

Copy of IMGP6077

Ok technically,it is not really ours yet, since we are only going to sign the Sell&Purchase (aka S&P) document this Saturday,together with the deposit.But,hey,always one step closer πŸ™‚ The whole area is still CFO pending, so there is no rush to move in yet. Hopefully by the time our legal matters settle, it will be ready.Which i estimate maybe towards the end of the year.

There is one kind of feeling when you finally buy your own house.Maybe the good feeling of contentment.Alhamdulillah.Of course,angan2 sudah ada. Especially of what colour to paint the living,the kitchen,the bedrooms. Of what type of decor we would like to have and even what type of tree we want to plant at the garden.

The house is really not in an urban area,but looking at the good side,it will become a good retreat for our parents,if they feel like getting out of Kuala Lumpur.Hubby loves the area anyway,he is more to a peaceful,slow-paced lifestyle.

That is all for now peeps.Will try to keep updating on the progress πŸ™‚



7 thoughts on “The Crib Project

  1. hihi..takla besar sgt beb..cuma ada tanah byk so maybe nampak besor.heheh.semidi setingkat aje.

    this is around chendor area..far from kuantan town.near kemaman dah..

    kalau dtg singgahlah.leh makan kepok lekor πŸ˜€

  2. beautymessy

    yuni! umah ko bes laa. dpt corner lot tuu. wehuu~ mmg bes bli umah. aku pun dh bli. cume skrg ni aku duduk single, so agk mls la nk pk cat2 dinding n design interior. aku tggu kawin dlu br pk πŸ˜› tp main facilities dh ade. beshhh! πŸ˜€

  3. yunayuni

    sue: wah bestnye duk apartment.actually apt pun best, lagi cozy..rumah besar2 ni kena rajin jaga sket.heheh.duk sorang la eh?

    effa: besh besh..hehe.tgu korang datang visit je nanti πŸ™‚

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