It’s a small world after all.

Ever been in a time when the phrase above makes total sense? I did.Many times.But these were recent. And things like this always makes me muse in retrospect.

Story 1

Last few weeks i discovered that i have already met my husband’s 2nd cousin, back in year 2000. She was a senior in my boarding school.Retrospectively, i would have never ever thought that my future husband is just a 2nd-cousin away.And there we were, saying our salams when we brush shoulders,never thinking that in the future we will cross paths again.How did i came to knew about her? Her husband is working in the same company, whom i have liased with last year.Now i officially have a relative in the company.

Story 2

Yesterday a friend from boarding school passed me a wedding invitation card ,of another fellow ex-classmate.When i opened the card, the face of the bride struck me. I knew this person. After confirming the name,it so happened that she was my brother’s “kakak angkat” back when he was in MRSM.

How i knew that she was his pet sis? She happened to study in UTP too, and said hi to me when she knew that i, the real kakak is studying there too.

How the hell does she came to know my fellow ex-classmate? No idea.But for sure, now i know both the bride and groom.Better reason to make it to the wedding 🙂 Insya Allah.

Story 3

I was browsing Facebook,when i came across this particular girl,which i really feel so familiar with. Apparently she was a daughter of my father’s colleague,back when they were posting in Switzerland.We used to hangout when we were in the country during our school holidays.Her connections was my classmates from UTP, but i was very positive that she did not study there.So,how come she has the same connections as mine?

Apparently again,she is now in a relationship with a guy who used to be an x-bf to a fellow classmate.No wonder.Facebook can really do wonders,even in the most unconventional way.At least now i found her and able to keep in touch again.


The world is so small.But yet when your future just pass you by or hit you between your eyes,you never noticed it.Ironic huh?


6 thoughts on “It’s a small world after all.

  1. indeed yuni..maybe ppl that was nobody to u in the past would be related to you in the, whenever kenal org baru..layan u will never they could be connected to you..:)

  2. yunayuni

    ada banyak cite yang inspire from that.quite interesting.

    tgk my sassy girl v hollywood tak? cam ada gak unsur2 tu..and cite serendipity.hehe

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