The Crib Project: Colours,colours

I am hearting these colour palletes for our new home.What do you reckon? Which colour is for which part of the house,you think?

colour pallete living 1

colour palette living 2

colour pallete bedroom

I have been in love with natural hues since forever.But i do love all colours.Yet when it comes to choosing, i always look to the practical factor.So mostly my preferred colours are staples (e.g earth tone,black,white,cream,denim) and easy to mix and match.

We just signed the S&P document last Saturday, but the house have not received its CFO yet.Hopefully it wont take too long. We cant wait to start with the touch ups and finally move in.

On another note, hubby is having yet another exam for his LAE this Wednesday.He is caught studying most of the time since last week.

So,here is a good luck kiss for hubby.

You can do it dear,i know it 😉

8 thoughts on “The Crib Project: Colours,colours

  1. intanfareha

    owhh beb ur touch in decoration ni dari dulu lagi impressive!! anything u choose adalah lawa beb…i cant wait to visit ur crib =) owhh btw bukan ke aritu your parent coming back for good ke? when is it? lagi satu alang alang ni kan selamat hari raya to you and emry..selamat beraya as a wife orang..hehe and maafkan sume salah silap yek sepanjang kite berkawan! eh eh tetiba emotional..well old is gold*rindu*..muack!

  2. fa..mung nih buat aku emosi jugak.huhu.

    mintak maaf zahir batin gak ye.selamat hari raya..

    parents coming back home very soon.kata nov hari tu,now they are coming home on 15th oct! heheh.cepat benor..

    anyway hope to see you again in the near time.have fun raya di perantauan (lagi).heheh. muahs!

  3. beautymessy

    warne2 dlm gamba2 ko tu cantek! aku prefer warna lembut utk dinding. sbb sng nk match ngn perabot2 or hiasan2. tp since umah ko landed n besa, ko leh cat kaler terang sket. aku ade tgk dlm magazine rrenovation. cantek2. eric leong punye 😉

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