Of being selfless or selfish.

I do not consider myself  “not-selfish” or “selfless”.Because personally i think selfishness is human nature. You can see it especially at the worst of times. At times where we have to find escape,and when we sense that we are in danger.

Tak percaya? Cuba test.

But, i always find myself somewhat “trapped” in a situation where i had to DO something, when in fact i actually do not really want to. It seems to me, that my “sacrifice”, made space for people who could not care less, who went away running at light speed through the door, when they made up their mind not to DO that particular thing.

Which,left me alone, and other few who is either in the same condition as mine, or really honestly do not mind doing the thing.

How can people just NOT CARE? How can people just IGNORE and be INDIFFERENT? Is it because of they know that there are people like me? People who are willing to just not be selfish at that time, just because the WORK HAS TO BE DONE.

Sometimes i wonder if there are no more people like me.Will the world be a better place, where we humans care about absolutely nothing, but ourselves?

Honestly,am i that naive and gullible?

Oh, i dream of a day that i can run for the door too.But yet,is it the right thing to do?


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