I have been opening this blog each and everyday since i last posted an entry.The urge to write something is always there but i seem to always let time flies without any.

Have you ever been thinking? I mean,always thinking? Like constant bubbles of thoughts pops out in your mind,and when it haven’t even popped off yet, another bubble came up? That is kinda what is happening in my mind.I found myself thinking all the time,not only about things that matters but things that doesnt as well.

Ok its not like i am going to talk about everything that i thought of,but some things has been bothering my mind these days:

  • How do i see myself in the future?
  • Am I doing something that I am meant to do?
  • Is there any passion in what i am currently doing?
  • Was this how i planned to end up,7 years back?

The funny thing is,i cant find any answer to most of the questions.But for q no 3,i can answer it without hesitation: No.

People may say that i am not grateful for what God gave me,that i have not learn to appreciate the bounty and His blessings.It is not like that,heck,not at all.Its just that i think i could do something else better,something that i really have the passion for.Something interesting and worth doing (well at least for me).And perhaps something that i know i am good at,and i can extend the goodness to people who receives the end results.

So,i have been thinking.I have decided that i may not stay this way until the end.At one point of time in my life later,i have to make sure the status quo is changed.

Of all the below,i am still figuring out which:

  • Learn arts or graphic design.Sketch.Draw.Design.
  • Write.Be a writer?Write a book?
  • Be an editor or a graphic designer in some kind of magazine?
  • Set up a creative business? (photography? creative stationery? crafts?)
  • Be a rockstar.

I hope it won’t be too late when the time comes, eventually.


2 thoughts on “Thinking.

  1. having an idea of possibly doin something that you really like, instead of being told to…is just fabulous!

    but i did come this saying, something about doing the things u like, for like more than thousands of time, then you can perfect it. the 1st thousand try is just an attempt, but the next next thousand it shall be spectacular! (awfully true for photography i must say!)

    if u like to sketch, draw, design, write…why dont start it off right now, in small scale. then expand your social network to include pro’s and enthusiast in that circle (e-forums, etc). should pre-occupy some of ur time then, but definately u r doin things that u like! 🙂

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