The Crib Project: Checklist!

Just bought this book,and i think it pretty much helps me with something i talked about previously.Am at the middle now,and its a real page-turner.

The Crib project is progressing a lot these days,so does the cash flow.When you get your own house you want it to be perfect,but along the way you will learn that dreams do not come true overnight.So now i have to learn to prioritize (eventhough honestly,being the usual hasty me,means its a pain in the a**).Hubby had to bear with my hastiness quite a few times,and for that i am so sorry.I am trying my best to make do and be patient.Huhu.

Just a small checklist to share,maybe it helps when your turn comes soon ๐Ÿ˜‰

1) Grill
2) Lighting
3) Movers
4) Curtains
5) Security (keys,padlocks,etc)
6) Update mailing address (to banks,insurance,membership,etc)
7) Utilities (Water,Electricity)

IMPORTANTE but not a priority yet!
1) Kitchen Cabinet
2) Wardrobe
3) Rewiring
4) Paint
5) Laundry area renovation

1) Garden
2) Built in bookshelf
3) TV Rack
4) Other additional furnitures

I made my own Excel worksheet for the progress,which also helps a lot with the planning.

Bukan senang rupanya nak masuk rumah baru.Will update again soon! ๐Ÿ˜‰


12 thoughts on “The Crib Project: Checklist!

  1. ooohh…nak nak! or maybe ferrero garden.pernah jumpa tak? yang ada perisa pistachio,raspberry and some others too.dia mcm ferrero rocher tapi guna white choc.yummy! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. intanfareha

    owh owh ada ada..nnti aku beli yang tu..dia rasperry paling best tp dia jual sekotak tuh ada sikit je raspberry and lagi jahat rasperry tuh tak jual dia sahaja..pffffttt :|..aku shud makan coklat byk byk puas puas laa before aku balik for good im gonna miss sume benda ni..cesss!!

  3. intanfareha

    helo beb,
    i think this time i am going back for good..i am not 100% sure..but for now this is my decision..i can go back paling awal on 23th february =) tgk laa when JPA bagi ticket..hope we can hang out more often once i bermastautin in mesia!!

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