The Crib Project: Twilight and Moving

Ok I know I am being wayyyy behind on this Twilight frenzy, but yeah, I finally watched the movie on Star Movies last night.In a nutshell:

  1. Edward Cullen is mysterious, and by not talking it makes him more interesting (I have this thing about less-talking guys, so am I letting myself into the Cullen Club now?)
  2. The soundtrack is awesome especially during the part when Bella discovers that Edward is a vampire.
  3. I love the baseball scene. There is something cool about vegetarian vampires, baseball, thunderstorm and a Muse song.
  4. I feel like reading the book now (because previously I had an idea that it is just a typical vampire story suck blood, whatever)
  5. It is a teenage genre actually, but there is something interesting about Stephenie Meyer’s story telling (well at least I think so).
  6. I can watch New Moon now.

Back to real life….

Moving day is this Thursday. Our current house is an M to the ESS. Seriously, packing a double storey house is exhausting, man. Glad we are moving into a cozier one-storey crib.

And I discovered that I have way too much junks in the house, especially plastic and paper bags. I am so putting away the plastic bags (so much of trying to be an eco-friendly person). If there is one thing this home move taught me, it will be never ever stash too much things “you-know-you-are-not-going-to-need-it-but-you-still-keep-it-just-in-case”. Trust me, the case rarely happens.

Lastly, electrical and lighting is finishing today (hope so). Hubby is supervising it, and I can’t wait to see the results. I think we both have an obsession with lights ;P.


6 thoughts on “The Crib Project: Twilight and Moving

  1. intanfareha

    you must read the books.
    best giler aku tak tahu ckp camane
    tp tulah aku dgr jugak working ppl ni jarang dah baca buku beb buku dia besttttttttt!!!!
    like mcm gile jatuh cinta

  2. yunayuni

    haha.quote “working ppl ni jarang dah baca buku cerita” -> does not apply to me kot.kekeke.

    best eh? ok terus beli!! yeay!

    aku rasa ilah dah khatam kot.semalaman je dia baca.wth.

  3. intanfareha

    owhhh very the bagus laa kalo mm tuh..sbb aku perasan member2 aku dulu2 rajin baca buku bile start keje tok brape baca sgt tulah yun baca laa buku2 nak mampos sweet boleh dpt diabetis cair nak mampos tulah for me buku jelah best muvie tuh aku tak excited giler pn nk tgk..u know what i mean..

    owhh aku pn khatam semalaman je buku first dia tuh…mulanye aku order buku first dgn second je sbb kurang yakin dgn buku lovey dovey nak give it a try skali habes terus smlman so the next day aku terus order 3 dan 4..weehheee

  4. jeng jeng jeng, aku bace buku 1st mase nk exam haha gilos, semlm abes 500 pages of vampire love story, kalu study notes mak aiiiii!!! n i finished the rest of the series smbil bercuti2 west coast last winter hihi n yeah, i have all the book sin hardcover (buku kat oversea murah beb)

    buku dia best la compare to the movie omg new moon sgt irritating nk mampus aku siap g toilet lg in the middle of it…the only consoleable thing is perhaps jacob’s super hot body terus orgasma di situ jugak haha

    but yeah, couldn’t find much time to read, heck…basuh rambut pon x sempat kdg2…updet blog lagilaaaaaaaa

  5. aku teringat zaman kita sekelas dulu, bila mung mention mung serabut dengan kertas plastic tu semua…

    intan la salu marah2 sebab kelas kotor. muahaha…marah2 pastu dia amik penyapu sapu satu klas.

  6. yunayuni

    ngaha..apih..memang.aku ingat intanfareha sapu satu dewan form 3 tu..yang expand 2,3 kelas jadi satu dewan.kental dia sapu sedewan.haha.

    ilah..member aku pun kata jacob hot dalam new moon.ok kena gi tgk sekarang! haha

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