Photoblog #5 – Nostalgic

reception gombak, originally uploaded by yunayuni.

I just learned how to do vintage effect on photos, so i have done it on one of my favourite photos from our wedding.

I just love the emotions in this one.It was during our reception on Emri’s side.

If you notice in the picture, my brother was trying to put on my leg bangles, which came off when we were in the procession to the hall. I am quite surprised on how cheerful i looked, probably it was because i was trying my best to hide my nervousness. My bridesmaid cousin looked worried though.

The procession was delayed by 1 hour, and we were rushing to finish it before the nearby mosque recites the Zuhur azan. The delay was due to my parents and some of my family entourage not able to make it on time, because they were literally unable to get the car to move.

Of all the days, it was this day that my father locked the carkeys inside the car, and, it was parked in front of the house gate. Why not use other cars? Yeah well, it just so happened too, that all other available cars are blocked inside.

Funny huh? Oh well, it will surely make an interesting story to tell our children someday *grin*

Memories, sweet memories.

“Pleasure is the flower that passes; remembrance, the lasting perfume.” ~Jean de Boufflers


2 thoughts on “Photoblog #5 – Nostalgic

  1. nya

    kete kene kunci ke? laa..sian plak..sure berpeluh2 try nk kuarkan kunci kan..huhuhu..

    nyway i like ur picas..classic~ very nice 🙂


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