Miss Independent (or Ms.)

I have read somewhere (I think it was an article in CLEO magazine), that men finds independent women attractive. Is this theory true?

Well i think most of the new generation women are independent. Women nowadays have many more options, and most of them decide their own path of life.

My definition of being independent is simple: Able to do things on my own and finding my own way. I am not intending to brag about myself, but I am comfortable to say that I am an independent woman.

Perhaps it was because of my upbringing, where I pretty much fell into a survival situation. Being left by my parents at a tender age of 13 years, I had no choice, other than learning to survive. My parents had to leave me and brother in homeland for my dad’s posting, so I was sent to a boarding school, and my brother had to live with an uncle in kampong.

Because I started at an early age, I am too used to being independent, up to the point that I suffocate when people start to worry about me and thinking that I am not able to make it on my own.

I also loath it when men treat me like I am a spoiled girl or a weak person, and underestimating my ability to get things done. I mean, dude, I chose to be here, so cut the crap and just let me do my thing. I have found many men with this mindset here in the other side of the country. Maybe it is because they think that women are such fragile and frail creatures. Well sometimes it’s good to use gender as an excuse, but most of the time it just works against me.

However, being independent does not mean that I am insensitive. The bad side to it is that I tend to let my feelings hurt, whenever I yearned for some attention or love, and there was no one who can be there. Honestly, I wept inside, because I was too proud to let it come out of the shadows.

I may be an independent woman, but I am still a woman. Someone who deserves love and some attention once in a while. The independent traits will not go away, definitely, but with a man I love, sometimes I just want to be a woman.

And I am lucky that I met a man which is one of the kind who puts independence in his list. I think that is why he liked me in the first place 😛

So what do you prefer? An independent woman, or not?

Help me prove the theory. Heheh.


7 thoughts on “Miss Independent (or Ms.)

  1. not all guys kot suka independent woman ni. kalo independent in terms of tak nyusahkan derang, derang suka la. tp kalo independent like making our own decision and no one can change it, itu bole menyebabkan kelakian derang tercabar.

  2. shida

    Most of the cases i met, men felt challenged, since i’m in control, outspoken and loud. I’m more than high heels and short dresses. for shallow, typical men yeah. they will feel chanllenged. but man with dignity, respect and honour for women, they will find it tempting. Hence the song Miss Independent by Ne-Yo aite??

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