I admit that sometimes I have episodes of paranoia.

With my habit of overloading my brains with too much info, sometimes I cannot help myself from churning information that is not known whether it is authentic and foolproof. Especially, if it is very intriguing.

Like about this topic about Occult Symbolism (e.g Freemason, Satanist or Illuminati movements) that I recently discovered here.

I actually read this from a blog of my B&B reader, where she voiced out her scary thoughts about the topic. I have never stopped reading this site since.

Just so happened, this topic was also discussed in a local newspaper last Sunday, which helps contributing more to my paranoia. Last AJL at TV3 was “accused” to have elements of this ungodly movement, but honestly I am not sure whether it was just a coincidence or it was planned. Better be a coincidence.

From the site I read, some analysis has been done on many Hollywood stars in the music industry, including the eccentric Lady Gaga, the suddenly so daring Rihanna and Beyonce. After reading a few articles, I admit that some points are made pretty clear. Take Lady Gaga for example, I never get it why she is so full of mysterious and weird outfits and gigs, especially in her videos. Have you watched Bad Romance? Honestly that one gave me some chills. Its just..weird. (But the songs are quite catchy aren’t they?)

As for how true the author of the site is, I couldn’t say much. But from the way they write their piece, it’s a lie if I say it doesn’t make me think.

I am glad that I have my own beliefs to hold own to, at least that helps me to make my own evaluation of right and wrong. But the disturbing thing is how powerful this kind of thing could be, when it has the chance to penetrate into young and innocent minds. Their subtle hints and agendas are very easily missed, as it is using a somewhat harmless yet strong medium to poison minds (e.g music,entertainment).

God protect us from this, if it is ever true.

What do you think?

 p/s: I like the song Russian Roulette. But don’t you think that fanatic and weak fans of Rihanna could take it as an inspiration? Huhu.Spooky.


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