Adventure wanted,adventure granted.

By now probably most of you have known that finally, something is cooking in my oven. We came to know about the good news last week, but i have decided that i will save some time before i announce it to the world.

Oh well i figured that it is ok to let people know now, at least i get more well wishes and prayers right? 🙂

So here is the adventure of 2010. Another milestone in our lives has been hit, right on time.

We are going for our our first prenatal checkup tomorrow.

Can’t wait 🙂

p/s : I am this close to opening a new blog for my pregnancy, but at last i think i will just share my journey here. I am such a blog addict huh?


12 thoughts on “Adventure wanted,adventure granted.

  1. STargAzeR

    congrats hun!!! i pray that all will go well for you and emri.. 🙂 sedikit petua : bace surah maryam to, insyaAllah, help the pregnancy.. surah yusuf for, insyaAllah , anak yang sempurna.. dan surah luqman for, insyaAllah, anak yg soleh(ah) and intelligent.. take care!!

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