Turning 6 weeks in 3 days.

Since the first nausea attack last week, I came to learn that:

1)      I might as well just let myself vomit instead of trying to stop it. That makes me feel a lot better.

2)      I am not worried because I know that is a good sign that my body is producing enough hormones for the baby’s growth.

3)      I have loads of food stock in my drawer, just to keep my stomach from getting upset again.

4)      I find myself eating all the time.

5)      I have to try harder to keep a nice, smiley face despite the miserable feeling.

Let’s just hope that I do not gain unnecessary weight before the bump even shows. According to my readings, I am supposed to gain about less than 5 kilos during the first trimester, because I am already slightly overweight.Heheh.

By the way, here is a hearty congratulations to Jaja, who finally delivered a baby girl yesterday. Hope both mom and baby are doing well 🙂

p/s : I am thinking hard of a topic to blog, besides this baby thingy, but honestly that is the only thing that is running on my mind. Right from i opened my eyes in the morning, even in my dreams. Guess i am still so excited about it, so bear with me ya? 😀


6 thoughts on “Turning 6 weeks in 3 days.

  1. beautymessy

    hik2~ mesti la excited kan since this is your first time, first baby, fist year of marriage 🙂

    hope everything will go smoothly with His blessings 🙂

  2. thanks yuni! alhamdulillah baby and I are doing fine.take great care of urself.pregnancy is fun!i had morning sickness for 8weeks and still find it amazing 🙂 enjoy…

  3. lhene

    yuni congrats on your pregnancy ! hope you are doing well. you will surely enjoy all the moments througout your pregnancy 🙂 skrg i pon dah rindu .. macam nak pregnant again kalau ada rezeki 🙂 take care ok

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