Ilmu kira-kira.

I remembered my friend Diyana’s advice sometime ago, about the pregnancy habits of the Jewish people. Apparently they have a very distinctive habit, which what made their offsprings more intelligent (and when they grow up they can do wonders).

One of their habits during pregnancy is that the husband will solve mathematical problems with their pregnant wife. I see the logic in here, perhaps at this stage the fetus is already trained to think. No harm trying right?

So I was in a local bookstore with hubby last weekend, and I headed to the school books section. There were a lot of books of course, ranging from Std 1 to Form 6. I wondered where to start, so I went to the Form 5 aisle.

I grabbed one Add-Maths practice book, and freaked out. Gosh, what the heck, I could not remember it at all! So there goes one level, definitely soooo not going through the Add-Maths nightmare again.

I decided to turn it down a level, this time I went to the Form 3 aisle. Come on, how hard could it be? At least its not Add-Maths. I flipped open one practice book, but this time I did not freak out, but honestly my mind still struggles to recall and understand the question. OMG.

Guess I am also not in a good shape to start at Form 3, so at last I went to the Form 1 aisle.Flipped one book and went “Okayyy…this makes more sense”. Apart from the cute questions of asking you to spell out numbers (e.g 1001=One Thousand One), I think I can take the rest of the “challenges”.

 I know I know, it’s too simple, but hey, it’s a good place to start right? 😀

Hubby went “Seriously???”, and I was smiling like a bad cockle. Apparently hubby thinks doing Sudoku is more substantial than doing maths. But “Sorry naik lorry”, I’d rather do maths than Sudoku.

No, I haven’t bought the book yet. Maybe I will do it later. But now I am googling some free exercises in the net, just to get the “feeling”.

All the best to me. Heheh.

p/s: Besides solving mathematical equations, Jewish pregnant moms also consume lots of  almonds, dates, milk and fish (without head). They also play the piano. Maybe there are some others, try googling it out.


9 thoughts on “Ilmu kira-kira.

  1. beautymessy

    yes~ u r rite yuni! aku ade bace *dh lupe emel tu letak kt folder mane* hehee~

    bule start from now! insyaAllah everything will be fine 😀 mengaji surah2 tertentu pun mbantu gak. hihii~

  2. heh aku ponx ade wat gak maths dulu.same like u! mula2 kelod soh beli buku form 4, reti wat sket2 jerk..pastuh turun another level, beli PMR nye buku..tuh ponx ade gak tak reti wat..(malu la kalau nk tanye adik balik :P) lama2 wat sket jerk pastuh dok sibuk wat word puzzle..

  3. sue: yep, ada gak surah2 yang elok diamalkan.hehe.skarang ni tgh start nak amalkan..tapi kena amek masa sebab ada byk surah yang panjang.skang baca bit by bit.hehe.

    sarahtebuan: hoho tu ah.kalau aku tak tahan buat maths nanti last2 aku buat word puzzle ajelah..haha.

    nisah: takmo, sebab tanak baby jadi programmer bila besar.hahahaha.bikin pusing je 😛 nak suh dia jadi graphic designer.eceh…koya.

  4. aniss!! tu lah lama tol tak jumpa ko..aku rasa sejak raya hari tu kot..huhu..

    datangla jenjalan chendor..kita gi makan kopok lekor or sata..

    malam mabuk gak,tapi kalo makan takpe 😛

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