Catching up.

I am a bit rusty at blogging as of today. Has been 1 month plus since i last blogged, in this blog as well as in B&B. I dont know, maybe i was distracted at one point of time and it seemed like it had lasted a tad bit longer.

A lot has happened in the real world, since the last post. I think the down point was when i suffered a really bad episode of heartburn+gastritis+acid reflux, a few days after my birthday. Yeah it was awful. Of all pain that i ever had in my life, that was the pain that i will always remember, as of now. It was like having a perpetual heavy burden on my shoulders, which constricts my chest and presses both of my shoulder blades all at once. I could not sleep it off, and had to wake up too many times at night. I was crying like a baby, because i was just so helpless and no medicine could put it away. Even the doc just asked me to hang on, and be strong.

Gosh. I cringe everytime i recall that.

But the bad episode made me realize one good thing. It is to appreciate a person called husband, the one who vowed to always be with you come hell or high water.Cringe i may when i recalled the episode, but because of his presence, i became strong again.

On a lighter note, last Saturday, we went for my 4th month check up. Doc had a glimpse of the baby’s gender, but she did not made any confirmation. I guess we need to wait until baby gets a bit bigger, so that doc can have a clearer view. She said there is a high probability that its a girl, because she did not see any hint of a male genital on baby. Well, it doesnt matter anyway. Its just that it feels good to anticipate, and playing the guessing game. Heheh.

Cant wait for the next check up.


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