Meet me halfway, right at the boarderline
that’s where i’m gonna wait, for you
i’ll be lookin out, night n’day
took my heart to the limit, and this is where i’ll stay
I can’t go any further then this
I want you so bad it’s my only wish.

The Crib Project completed.

[Myster-E & Ayu-N-I]


What is your lucky charm?

The first of the busy weekends of July now unravelled… Yuni spent her first weekend in Kerteh last week for the BPC Family Day (or is it Family Olympic?) in Awana Kijal Golf, Beach & Spa Resort which took place on Saturday. And it also was our first family day of us as a couple =). Sure there are a lot people in BPC! It must have been some time since i joined a large scale of family day like this, last time i recall was in the 90s when my family joined Petronas Family Day in Padang Lumba Kuda Jalan Ampang which now where the twin tower sprouted. After that Bapak join OGP and family day afterwards were more localized to OGP staffs only.

It was a good day in Awana. We, under the banner of Agogo, together with Yuni’s officemates, joined Sand Castle Contest and Mini Treasure Hunt. We didn’t win the treasure hunt but striked third place in sand castle, which was quite a surprise, we almost give up at hoping of at least not being the ugliest! Haha. But, a few tricks save the day..

Well, we must have had a lucky charm too when Yuni strike a lucky draw and won a microwave which now resides in my Kerteh ‘residential’. The family day ran for only half of a day which was good coz we can wind down especially when they have a very nice swimming pool to chill out.

Awana Kijal must have been majestic place at its early years and it shows its age especially in the room setting/decoration but still actively running resort, probably earning its business as the only 4 star hotel in 30km radius. Not to mention, nice food, especially the western food, also great breakfast buffet.

One weekend down, three more to go..
Have a fun Jolai!


Prahara berita untuk kawan

Satu Wajah

Dengarlah satu Malaysia

Satu Wajah

Dari satu sifu

Jadilah burung-burung yang awal

Tiket-tiket satu balingan batu habis sudah

Tiket-tiket satu pelaung terhad sudah

Tiket boleh cabut satu janggut sifu itu tiket gua

Kita gegar satu stadium!

Jangan takut, takkan runtuh, InsyaAllah

Jumpa di sana




Tak lupa juga Satu Siti.

Tapi gua boleh tengok satu konsert saje..


Satu siti situ

After a leisure drive of Kerteh-KL, I picked up Yuni dear from her outstation meeting in Subang and for the first time we try a bite of live poetry performance, Malam Puisi Utusan (MPU) held at Laman Santai, Istana Budaya.

Prominent literature figures that performed last night were Pyan Habib(marvellous performance), Datuk A. Samad Said (Catakserukin is so true), Khalid Salleh (so provoking) and some artists like Mila, Hujan, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, Hafiz AF, and also some other figures like astronaut-2-be Mejar Faiz, the one with tukang karut voice (he might be a tukang karut after all, his poems were performed in dikir songs), this professor with keris and patriotic poem, and that datin not-so-familiar.
Siti Nurhaliza
IMGP5669a IMGP5639a
The turnout was nice with some small stalls around serving drinks and light supper servings.
The hosts that night was Mr. Sabri Yunus and Mek SPT. I learnt a poem too last night, a one liner poem from Sabri Yunus,

Tuhan tidak pernah mahu kita merdeka.

-Sabri Yunus-

Last night was a surprise i keep for Yuni, just to see how much she bite into poetry icing. After an hour and 30 minutes,
..but she survives till the late supper filling, Kopratasa,
..with this for you deary yuni,

Permata (Untuk Isteri Ku)

Telah ku siapkan satu daerah paling sunyi
Dalam hati ini untuk kau isi sebagai isteri
Untuk kau penuhi dengan kemuliaan seorang wanita
Untuk kau beri erti dengan kelembutan
Untuk kau hargai dengan kasih sayang

Ku ingin kau jadi wanita mulia
Yang tahu harga budi dan hati
Seorang lelaki bernama suami

Kerana engkau isteri
Ku ingin kau mengerti bahawa hidup ini
Tak semudah yang kita janjikan
Yang kita janjikan
Kerana kau isteriku

P/s: i NEED a long zoooom lens now..


Shoot and become immortal

… or so people said. Preserving the moments and immortalize it is among the main reason people use their camera for. And for that reason, i got my own digital camera not long after started working, the Canon S5IS. This replaced what i used before, the handed down, antique brick, Canon A300 which is still alive and still shooting.

During its golden years, this A300 used to be the official family camera which replaced the Canon Zoom 70W film camera which slipped my hand and drown in Endau Rompin. Almost risk myself to jump into the river if i wasn’t stopped by others. The A300 shoots until its sensor blackout after about 2 years of use and left collecting dust for a year. When I just started working in Subang, I got a hunch to send it for fix at Canon HQ, and blown away by their reply…. They’ll fix it for free even after its warranty was long gone! And voila, i got my first camera since the job of family shoot was taken over by then Konica Minolta E500. Even Bapak still shoot with his Nikon F60 film SLR though now he relies more on his tiny Nikon S52 digital camera (the F60 actually replaced our family first official camera, Pentax SLR ME Super, as far as i remember) .

Then came along our wedding, and following the tradition, here it is our (first) official family camera, which also graced one of the Hantaran tray, the Pentax DSLR K200D..
..flanked by fully retired ME Super at the back and S5IS on the right. On the day before we left for honeymoon, i managed to grab a used but as good as new, Pentax fisheye zoom which is one of its kind in the land of DSLR/SLR.
All the time we’re in Redang, this lens was mounted 90% of the time. And that’s how i got this fishy pics..
Along with the K200D, I also brought the now seasoned E500 which i’ve gave a new life as underwater camera. Too many pics from the honeymoon trip to be posted here but sure many have seen it in our Facebook galleries.

And finally, we would like to thank Chef Woo from Laguna Redang for the warm welcome and complimentary sweet treat (heavenly cheese cake for the newly wed..ehehe) and for showing us the shark point (yess, i shot the shark!)
Definitely Laguna Redang worth all the time i spent on searching the perfect place for our honeymoon and this won’t the last time there, that’s for sure! May be a diving trip next time..;)


p/s: this entry is also a tribute to the new member of long running family of Pentax, the K-7 which about to debut today =)

The Weddinvitation


The day is crawling in, and i’m running out of my bachelor time. So, what lies beyond bachelor life?

To all family and friends, you are invited to share our grateful and proudest moment of our companionship, The Wedding of Emri & Ayuni. The ceremonial events will be held in 3 days in a row starting with The Solemnization (Akad & nikah) on 17 April 2009, the bride’s reception (Majlis Bersanding) on 18 April 2009 and the groom’s reception (Majlis Bertandang) on 19 April 2009.We will also be having another reception (Majlis Kesyukuran) on 25 April 2009, at Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

Invitation cards already flew out. To all our family members, schoolmates, colleagues, and friends yet to get the card, we didn’t forget you.. At least not intentionally.. So hit us a message and let us know!

Emri & Ayuni

Happy Ox!

Catching the light at the end of the tunnel, i glimpsed at my grandfather-clock-sized-super-cool-titanium Casio watch. 1990 feet altitude.

“Hunny, tau tak terowong nih point paling tinggi kat highway ni tapi point paling rendah kat banjaran ni,” tiru iklan ASTRO.
“Yelah, Genting Sempah kan?” geek gile mamat ni.
“Ha’ah ek.. Genting tu kan point yang rendah kat banjaran kan..”
“Habis tu, Genting Highland?”
“Ha’ah le… Genting Highland.. Oxymoron,” the first time of real use of such word. Self-impressed.
“Oxymoron.. Hihihi,” not impressed.
“Bleh masuk blog nih,” perasan ada blog sendiri.

Heheh, love u dear ;P
And I love ice cold coffee on the highway.


Turn of tide

Naope, i’m not going to lecture on (duh) imminent lost BN in P36 and the triumph of PAS. I just want to say, savor this big slap on your face. And that is for holding back GIANT from opening its giant shutter door in Mesra Mall. Sure, i’ll belebeh about this more if it still not open in a few days.

The turn of tide that will come in a few more hours is the inauguration of Barack Obama as 44th president of US, and first african-american president which only occur previously on TV. A long list of movies and TV series have put this idea forward portrayed with positive image and attitude. I love 24.


Obama or his real name is Barrack Hussein Obama II was born to his father, a Kenyan, who came to study in University of Hawaii where he met Obama’s mother, a white american with english and irish descent (to quote Obama, his father is black as pitch, mother is white as milk, i bet he was about to say “I should be a dalmation). So is he black enough to be black? Interestingly, after her mother divorced, she married an Indonesian and together with Obama, followed his step father to Jakarta when Soeharto came to power and lived there for some time before went back to Hawaii.

Harvard-bred, i only noticed him when he went against Hillary for Democratic presidential candidate, which i already prophecied he’d win based on one speech which i forgot what about. Of course, Republican camp, war-vet McCain is no match for him. Come on, magna cum laude vs POW? Man behind Iraq War De-Escalation Act of 2007 vs man who support U.S.-led war in Afghanistan? The next US president is a terang lagi bersuluh P36 simple guess.

Let’s see if one person can change the world. Or just another POTUS passing by.


Maiden entry

So i finally decided to tumpang publisiti of this blog. Haha.

Hi all.. Most of this *cult* blog followers should’ve known me as THE fiancé of Miss Yunayuni.Some of you were even around at the moment we were main-main chenta way back at 2002.  Single n free. I can run, swim, cycle, hike and be sweaty n stink. Ahh.. good old times..

Till on one fine trip, to a place among that i heart most, where I found you!

Endau Rompin 2002

A lil’ bit of close up..

Gaagaa… our 1st pic together. And that’s how i get to share this blog.