J’aime Paris and the beautiful Rhein

I have not login to WordPress for a while and today i noticed that they have upgraded their site. Not bad, more functions i shall say.Interesting.

Anyway, yeah, have been trippin’ as have blogged before. Was back from Paris last week on the 5th. Stayed at home in the Hague for 3 days and went to London on the 8th. Reach back home again this morning. Busy busy and quite exhausted, but it was fun nonetheless.

Was in Paris for 3 nights. Paris is beautiful. So beautiful it made me feel like going again, even it is going to be the 3rd time. Now i can admit to what people say about the city. If you asked me which city is a must-do when you are in Europe, Paris will definitely be one of it. It is a huge city so its advisable that you allocate few days for it.

The whole first day we took a red bus tour around the city. Its a hop on, hop off ride, and it was valid for 2 days. Its quite a good way to explore, as it also provides English commentary on all the top sites. Paris is rich with its historical sites, and also beautiful architecture. I can say most of the buildings there has a beautiful French touch of its own. I just love the view of the city with the Eiffel Tower rising high, oh how i wish i could express it with words. Sangat lawa OK!

Second day we had a whole day of fun at Disneyland Paris. It has 2 parks now, the Disneyland and Walt Disney studios. For a one day trip we just had to be smart on choosing the rides. I can say we covered all major attractions, especially the new ones at Walt Disney studio. My personal favorite would be Rock and Roller coaster – this one is with high speed, and Aerosmith jammin’ in your ears all ride long. Awesome!

After Paris, we departed for Germany. Papa have booked a hotel by the Rhein river in Boppard. Its a very small suburban town right by the big river. Frankly we had no idea where it is, and thanks to the GPS ( people call it TomTom over here), we found our way. I just know that the Rhein river actually runs from the Alps and ends in Amsterdam and into the sea. I should have paid better attention to Geography before. Heheh. There we took a cruise from the Boppard to Koblenz, while enjoying the spectacular view of the old castles on the hills around it ( did i say that the we were in a valley?). Just in case it does not sounds familiar, these towns are actually nearby Koln (aka Cologne) Germany. On the way home we stopped by this town to take some pics at the Koln Dom, and the Hard Rock Cafe.

Before reaching Boppard, we also had time to stop by Luxembourg. Its a very small country here in Europe. The basic layout of the country is that the old town is in a very deep valley, and the new town is build on the hills surrounding it. Expect high rise bridges in this country. Took a one hour ride on a choochoo train around the old town and basically covered the major sites already. Heheh.

Its getting long, this post. So i stop here. There is London and more Holland to talk about, so i will make it as the next post.


Off to Paris.

Aah, my jetlag is still with me. I slept very early last night, and i woke up at 5am.

Yesterday we were in Amsterdam. To be precise, at the town center. I really like the architecture of the buildings here, every building has a similar touch, but unique at the same time. Compared to Switzerland, i personally like this country better.

Of course when you are in Amsterdam, you wont miss two things when you are walking by the streets. The very open promotion of sex and marijuana. They sell it like candies! There are even cannabis lollipops, tea, coffee. And not to forget the obscene pictures by the shop windows, displaying openly just like election posters.

Got the chance to enter Madame Tussauds at last, i figured that i might as well go to Amsterdam’s rather than the one at London. Plus Akila also wanted to go in, so i managed to get a ‘sponsor’ from Papa. Heheh. One entry would cost you approximately €20 for adults, and €15 for child. Only we both went in, the others did not. Its the Pirates of the Carribeans season, and there was a wax figure of Captain Sparrow. Inside there were quite a lot of famous figures, including Justin Timberlake, and Lady Diana. Its a good thing that they allow cameras inside, so me and Akila snapped our way throughout the walkabout. Heheh.

After the town center and Madame Tussauds, guess where was the next place? Red Light District. I think we should not miss it, as it is after all one of the main tourist attractions of the city. I had an early description of how the place looks like, and indeed it was true. Girls in boxes, wearing lush lingeries, dancing away, trying to attract attention. It was not so bad, not a dark place or someplace that will intimidate you. Only that of course, don’t dream of taking pics coz they will stop you. Haha.

The walk around the city was tiresome, and we all headed off home after about 4 hours. Today, we are heading to Paris. And on the way, maybe we will stop by Luxembourg. This will be the second time we go to Paris. The first time was not so good as it was too cold and cloudy, and its hardly enjoyable. I cant wait to visit the Louvre museum, and of course the Eiffel Tower.








Was leaving on a jetplane.

Have been busy for the past few weeks. Work, of course. And also preparing for my Eurotrip. Havent said much about it before but Alhamdulillah, i have arrived safely to The Hague, Netherlands,along with my 2 bros.

We arrived around 5.30am (local time) , and now i am adjusting myself to the weather and the time. Its about 14 degrees here, quite cold and windy.But its sunny and not a bad day to go out, says my parents. The house is beautiful, its a semidetached, with a compact built, and its supercozy. oh i wish i could live here a lil longer.

Lunch was mama’s cooking of course, have been months since we tasted her cooking. We had a nice family lunch – with lamb chops and fried rice for the menu. Yum! One definite thing that will happen throughout these 2 weeks – i will ruin my diet. Hopefully i wont gain too much when i get back to homeland. Aiyak!

Its quite nothing much to do indoors, so me,Akila and Aderi went out to the lake nearby. Very nice scene, with wild ducks and flowers blooming. Oh have i mentioned that the tulips are blossoming too? Yeay! Mama kept a nice garden out in front and i cant wait for them to completely bloom.

Then we went shopping. Oh, or shall i say, accidental shopping? Actually i was meant to accompany my mum to buy some food out at town, but i ended up shopping. Aha. I purposely did not bring my Euro notes but wth, i cant help buying =P. Bought a pair of boots, Morgan Love de Toi perfume set and nice piece of shirt. All for €50.


That was yesterday. Today is a bit gloomy and rainy, but we are still heading to Amsterdam later. Some shots below for your eyes to feast on =)