Friday night eat out

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning. It has not rained for a while but today it finally came.At least it makes the weather feels cooler than few days back.Seriously,it was so freaking hot, i popped so many ulcers in my mouth.Ugh.

Since we got married, me and hubby still have to live separately during the weekdays, because of our work location. So not cool, but for the moment we have to bear with it. So Friday’s a good day to go out and grab some dinner together. Maybe we could make it a habit,bee? Friday night out,you and me. Hehe 🙂

Just want to share another great location for eating out in Kuantan, especially when you feel like having a homemade pizza. Good spot for a date, family gathering or just hanging out with girlfriends (so when’s the next one, girls?)

Featured Eat Spot : Crocodile Rock, along Jalan Teluk Sisek (in front of Annexe Guest House,Kuantan). Owner is a Malay guy,married to a Mat Saleh lady…but i am not sure where she is from. The ambience is very cozy, the couple did a great job of converting an old government quarters into a restaurant. They have live band every Thursday night too, and lots of painting by a Malaysian artist, Ismadi. (Note : Correct me if i am wrong.heheh.)

So if you drop by Kuantan, you may want to try it! Oh btw, its closed on Mondays 😉

Crocodile Rock Pizza and Grill
Pepperoni Pizza (hubby's favourite)
Pepperoni Pizza (hubby's fav)
Spaghetti Bolognese (was craving for this)
Spaghetti Bolognese (was craving for this)
Caesar Salad (i think the dressing is homemade. Sedap gile!)
Caesar's Salad (sedap gile ok)