I am moving. Again :P

Oh yeah, this is just plain ol’ me. Moving and changing here and there, fickle minded as ever. I am moving back to Blogspot. More space for creativity. I will miss this blog anyway, and i am still keeping it.I wish i could put all my posts here in Blogspot.So click here if you are still interested. Heheh.


26 years of life.

7 years of innocence and care-free.

10 years of discovery and curiosity and lots of growing up hormones.

5 years of finding my true self,making mistakes and learning from it.

And the rest, still learning, growing, loving, and with added wisdom and experience to reflect on every decisions and path that i make and take in this life.

So far so good, and hope it gets better.

26 years of life, and i still find myself amazed and overwhelmed with what life teaches me.

Here is to 26 years of life and many more lessons to come.

Happy Birthday, me.

“Beruntunglah orang yang hari ini lebih baik dari semalam, terpedayalah orang yang hari ini sama seperti semalam, dan celakalah orang yang hari ini lebih buruk dari semalam..Yang paling jauh, bukannya bintang, mentari pun bukan jua rembulan tetapi adalah masa yang berlalu dan tidak akan kembali..kelmarin yang luput menjadi secancang kenangan, semalam yang terluput mengukir sesalan..yang ada hanya hari ini & akan datang..gunakanlah hari ini dengan sebaik mungkin kerana esok belum tentu milik kita, sedangkan semalam telah pergi buat selamanya..”

An overdose of fun.

I had fun last weekend. About time!

The initial plan was to go out for a movie on Saturday, but then after a long day of running some wedding errands, last2 tak jadi pong. End of the day kami kepenatan. Nevertheless, we managed to finalize the card artwork for our kenduri kesyukuran in Kota Bharu, drop by Small Garden to get some more wedding crafts supplies, and went to East Coast Mall to buy the last piece of item to put on Emri’s hantaran. And…i added some more items for  my honeymoon gear (honeymoon or cuti2 malaysia?) .The destination, later i let you know, but feel free to guess 😀


Another interesting thing is we both also managed to drop by the sample house in Taman Astana Permai, Bukit Istana. And we both found new love. Lawa OK rumahnye. One storey semi-D, perfect for newlyweds. Tapi, all phase 1 houses has been sold out. Too bad 😦 Anyway, since we are not really serious buyers yet, maybe later we will drop by the area again when we are really ready, financially.

Sunday witnessed us going for an impromptu quest for keropok lekor,satar and otak2 in Kuala Kemaman. At first Emri planned to leave for Kerteh early, coz he needs to drop by Kemaman Centrepoint to get pick up his Baju Melayu for the nikah. Then, when he is on the verge of laziness of leaving early, i proposed that i followed him to Kemaman and come back to Kuantan. It was not really me, doing things at the spur of the moment, but what the heck, i was starting to get the boredom headache anyway.

So there we went, and we had the best satar n otak2 we have found as of this moment. Anyway, the quest for the best keropok lekor masih belum selesai. Suggestions anyone?

On the way home sempat jugak drop by at Cherating. Ambik gambar,main air, kasut habis masuk pasir.


And the world goes round and round..

“Nothing stays in this world, not even our problems” – Charlie Chaplin

These words are definitely an enlightenment to me. After discovering the direct impact of the recent economic falldown yesterday (to me personally), i was disoriented for a while.

I had to take up a different approach now. Especially of my financial matters next year. And with the big day coming up in a few months i admit that i am afraid.

Glad that it was not for long. Texted papa and told him about it, and and mama called me up few hours later checking on me. Its like she knew how messed up my mind is at that point of time.

With her jokes, and soothing words, she healed me. And she said don’t worry.

I cried to sleep last night. Just because i realized how much i missed them.

This morning i got an email from mama again, reminding me of the same thing.

Don’t worry be happy. And that is what i will try to be.


Masalah jiwa.

Whats up with Akon and his endless desire of “making love”? Every song that he sings must always have something that indicates the idea of doing so. I heard that he once got charged for making some nasty gestures during his concert. I think he jould join SA (sex addict anonymous?)

Kenapa tibe2 cakap pasal Akon? Sebab pagi2 on the way pegi keje aku dah dgr lagu dia yang membuat aku meluat. Huhu.

Aku emo lately. Boss pun dah tegur, tunang pun tegur.

Aisehmen. Stresskah aku?