Mixed Emotions.



Parents are coming back home for good very soon.

One of the girls,Mira,is getting married next week.

Hubby has a manual lense from FIL’s old Pentax,but it snaps beautiful photos.

Learning to take nicer pics now.And learning to edit them to be even nicer.

Hubby passed his exam!


We are closing the deal on the house this Sunday.

Hubby has agreed that we will have a cabinet for the kitchen.So glad that getting a less than RM10k budget cabinet is still possible these days.IMPIANA Sept told us that.

I bought myself a TEFAL food steamer with a great bargain (that was an impulse-purchase)


Am waiting for hubby to come home.10 days together during last raya holidays was the longest time we spend together so far.Made me miss him even more.

…and its raining most of these nights.


Attending many weddings this October month.Cant wait to shoot pics and meet people that we have not met for some time.

Company Annual Dinner is coming soon in November.Theme: Back to School.Now wth? What should i wear??


Yes,its just the beginning of the month and yet i found out that i cannot simply spend anymore!


Mr Boss is leaving the department.Getting a new boss now, he was a colleague who got promoted.So i reckon things will go well.Hopefully.


Yet another earthquake occured again last night.Double the trouble.Triple the devastation.My prayers to the victims and their families.May they recover quickly.And may we learn our lesson from this episode,again.


The Crib Project: Colours,colours

I am hearting these colour palletes for our new home.What do you reckon? Which colour is for which part of the house,you think?

colour pallete living 1

colour palette living 2

colour pallete bedroom

I have been in love with natural hues since forever.But i do love all colours.Yet when it comes to choosing, i always look to the practical factor.So mostly my preferred colours are staples (e.g earth tone,black,white,cream,denim) and easy to mix and match.

We just signed the S&P document last Saturday, but the house have not received its CFO yet.Hopefully it wont take too long. We cant wait to start with the touch ups and finally move in.

On another note, hubby is having yet another exam for his LAE this Wednesday.He is caught studying most of the time since last week.

So,here is a good luck kiss for hubby.

You can do it dear,i know it 😉

Got a CROCS?

I dont know why, but i am really happy to finally own a CROCS. Hubby bought one for me, after my endless request from him. Plus he always asks me to get a good and comfy pair of shoes for walking, so that adds up the reasons. Haha.

Lepas beli, kata hubby, “Lepas ni jangan complain sakit kaki lagi ye?”

I replied jovially,”Iyelah!”. Sambil tambah perisa with a hug.

I am really a sucker when it comes to wearing high heels when shopping or on a leisure trip.Eventhough i really admire the sexyness and i love the confidence a pair of high heels gives me, i am still not up to wearing it on a day out. End of the day, i will only end up complaining about the aches.

Tadaa! And i heart the accesories too, a Gryffindor badge and a flower! 😀

Thanks bi! Muahs!



10 things that makes me happy.

Tagged by Erin.Really felt happy after reading her post so i guess i am passing the happy pill to you too 😉

On the way back home from honeymooning at Pulau Redang
  1. Sun,sea and sand vacation. Plus hubby.Or anyone whom i love the companion.
  2. Good food with great people.
  3. Having hubby around at home.
  4. Cooking something and it turns out good. Especially when its a first try.
  5. Honestly,shopping therapy 😛
  6. Spending time with my family.
  7. Crafting – especially if i could have any tools,colour,paper,materials that i want! (which never happened yet.heheh)
  8. Free cash!
  9. When i count my blessings.
  10. Travelling – so far i was very happy when i was in Paris 🙂 I wish i could go there again.

I am passing the pill to:  All readers who wish to be happy today 🙂

Rasa rindu padamu.

Of all the downside of living separately (during the weekdays) from my husband, there is one particular thing that i find worth appreciating.

It’s the fact that I always look forward to the day he arrives home,with his messy undid hair, worn-out-from-work looks and his “Hunny, i am home” smile. It’s the fact that i get to feel excited with the anticipation of getting to spend another 2 days with him waking up beside me. It’s the fact that i get to do my favourite thing at the kitchen, cooking for him, eventhough sometimes it ends up a so-so cuisine.

Eventhough during the short time occassionally there may be some small arguments interlaced, but in the end, when it comes to Monday again, i always felt like hugging him tightly,never to let him go for the rest of the new weekdays.

2 days are never enough, spending quality time with him. But because its 2 days, it makes me appreciate his companionship even more.

p/s : Does not mean that we want to live like this forever, so look ahead, new plans are falling into place now. We will be updating. Heheh. And mind my emotional entry this time, coz i really miss him.

Lullaby buat anakku.

Disclaimer: Belum,saya belum pregnant lagi. Insya Allah masanya akan tiba 🙂

As blogged previously,hubby and I are supposed to attend M.Nasir’s 1 Wajah Concert last July.However due to some unforeseen circumstances, the concert has been postponed to November.

I admit that i am not a huge follower of M.Nasir’s art, but recently i have been listening to his songs so that i can enjoy the concert better. After all there are a few of his songs that i have always loved, e.g Bonda,Mustika,Bagaikan Sakti,Sentuhan Listrikmu,etc.

Hubby introduced this charming song to me. Which i seriously think will be a lullaby for our children in the future 🙂

Oh Anak

Music by M.Nasir, Lyrics by Allahyarham Loloq
Bintang-bintang ke syurga
Pertama percaya
Dua tak putus asa
Tiga terus terima
Empat tak berubah-ubah

Kelima rela berserah
Enam pentingkan yang sedia
Tujuh yang terpaling istimewa

Kalau ada bendanya
Mesti ada namanya
Kalau ada isinya
Mestilah ada bekasnya

Perlahan-lahan makan anak Sayang
Jangan sampai tercekik
Paku seluruh alam
Berhati-hati minum Sayang
Jangan sampai tersedak
Buih satu lautan

Perlahan-lahan jalan Sayang
Jangan sampai tersandung
Bendul gunung impian
Berhati-hati tatang alahai intan
Jangan sampai (kau) tertumpahkan
Setitis pun kasih sayang
(Kelak kau ‘kan hidup dalam
Kekesalan berpanjangan)

Tiada petua kemenangan
Setanding ketaatan
Kepada Sang Pemilik
Kehendak dan ikhtiar
Rindumu yang sebenar

A light in a dark time.

A lot is happening these few days (which is not very encouraging), but despite that, good news arrived from Papa a few minutes ago.

They are all coming home, for good, by November 2009. Yes,Nov 2009.

Macam cepat pulak.

Tapi on the other hand, tak dapat la nak honeymoon dgn Bi to Spain next year 😦 Was planning another Eurotrip, but looks like it has to hold (or cancelled).

Anyway, parent’s house in Putrajaya is still in progress, i wonder where they will stay before moving in.

Apapepun, yours truly is happy 🙂

To hubby, things will get better.I am here for you.Always remember that.

One thing that i learned from our looong relationship…

…is that i cannot bear waking up in the morning when we had an unsettled fight the night before.

It truly hurts when i think of him in the morning,then i remembered that we fought.Especially when i knew that somehow part of the reason is that i overreacted.

That’s why Ne Yo sang about it.

So people,jangan gaduh sebelum tido OK? Berbaik-baik lah 🙂

MAD by Ne Yo

She’s staring at me, I’m sitting wondering what she’s thinking
Ummm Nobody’s talking, cause’ talking just turns into screaming (Oooo)
And now yes I’m yelling over her, she yelling over me,
all that that means is neither of us are listening,
and what’s even worse, that we don’t even remember why we’re fighting

It’s all for nothing (fighting for)
nothing, (crying for)
nothing, (oohh)

When we won’t let it go for nothing, (come back for)
it should be nothing
to a love like what we got oh baby

I know sometimes it’s gonna rain,
But baby can we make up now
cause’ I can’t sleep through the pain (can’t sleep through the pain)
girl I don’t want to go to bed, mad at you
and I don’t want you to go to bed, mad at me
no I don’t want to go to bed mad at you
and I don’t want you to go to bed, mad at me (oh noo)

and it gets me upset girl when you’re constantly accusing
(asking questions like you already know)
hey we’re fighting this war when both of us are losing
(this ain’t the way that love is supposed to go, what happened to working it out?)
We fall into this place where you ain’t backing down, and I ain’t backing down,
so what the hell do we do now?

It’s all for nothing (fighting for)
nothing, (crying for)
nothing… (oohh)

When we won’t let it go for nothing,
it should be nothing
to a love like what we got oh baby

I know sometimes it’s gonna rain,
But baby can we make up now
cause’ I can’t sleep through the pain (can’t sleep through the pain)
girl I don’t want to go to bed mad at you
and I don’t want you to go to bed, mad at me
no I don’t want to go to bed mad at you
and I don’t want you to go to bed, mad at me (oh noo)

Oh baby this love ain’t gone be perfect, (perfect perfect oh no)
And just how good it’s gonna be
We can fuss and we can fight long as everything is alright between us before we go to sleep…

Satu siti situ

After a leisure drive of Kerteh-KL, I picked up Yuni dear from her outstation meeting in Subang and for the first time we try a bite of live poetry performance, Malam Puisi Utusan (MPU) held at Laman Santai, Istana Budaya.

Prominent literature figures that performed last night were Pyan Habib(marvellous performance), Datuk A. Samad Said (Catakserukin is so true), Khalid Salleh (so provoking) and some artists like Mila, Hujan, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza, Hafiz AF, and also some other figures like astronaut-2-be Mejar Faiz, the one with tukang karut voice (he might be a tukang karut after all, his poems were performed in dikir songs), this professor with keris and patriotic poem, and that datin not-so-familiar.
Siti Nurhaliza
IMGP5669a IMGP5639a
The turnout was nice with some small stalls around serving drinks and light supper servings.
The hosts that night was Mr. Sabri Yunus and Mek SPT. I learnt a poem too last night, a one liner poem from Sabri Yunus,

Tuhan tidak pernah mahu kita merdeka.

-Sabri Yunus-

Last night was a surprise i keep for Yuni, just to see how much she bite into poetry icing. After an hour and 30 minutes,
..but she survives till the late supper filling, Kopratasa,
..with this for you deary yuni,

Permata (Untuk Isteri Ku)

Telah ku siapkan satu daerah paling sunyi
Dalam hati ini untuk kau isi sebagai isteri
Untuk kau penuhi dengan kemuliaan seorang wanita
Untuk kau beri erti dengan kelembutan
Untuk kau hargai dengan kasih sayang

Ku ingin kau jadi wanita mulia
Yang tahu harga budi dan hati
Seorang lelaki bernama suami

Kerana engkau isteri
Ku ingin kau mengerti bahawa hidup ini
Tak semudah yang kita janjikan
Yang kita janjikan
Kerana kau isteriku

P/s: i NEED a long zoooom lens now..



1) Congratulations to Hafiz for winning Akademi Fantasia season 7. Honestly, contestant wise = boring. Cikgu wise = OK la. I can see the determination in Tiara, but sorry to say that 10 weeks was not really enough dear.Yazid really ruined Kasidah Cinta by broadway-ing the song. Eddie Hashim bengang kot. Isma pun kureng bagi saya..and please, i dont want to mention Akim and Aril. Out of all to me, Hafiz paling OK kot. So i think he deserves it.His rendition of I Believe I Can Fly was not bad at all. I kind of like Malaysians who can sing English and Malay songs well. Barulah well-rounded eh?

2) I just got my period today. One day late actually, which left me and hubby wondering whether something is happening in my tummy. Seriously i have thoughts of getting a test kit, but we were just overreacting eh? Baru sehari lambat..hihihi. Kalau seminggu lambat different story la.I tried googling our “dilemma”, and i found out that a girl’s menstrual cycle have the possibility of being “interrupted” when she starts being sexually active. That explains a lot 😛

3) We have a bundle of invitations for weddings, and an engagement on 30-31st May and 6-7 June. Oh well i guess everyone does, since its the “peak season”. Honestly we wish we could make it to all reception, but it seems like we have to arrange our time accordingly.We are happy for each and everyone of them, and wish that they will be as happy as we do now 🙂

4) Work wise, i am starting to find lots of b*llsh** lately, especially when it comes to upper management and office politics. I am not going to talk about it, coz it will require another post. But in a nutshell, i am afraid that i will get tired of “going against the current”. I wonder where has the motivated fresh graduate attitude gone? Ugh!! Somebody rescue me.

5) I need to start exercising again. Dah lama kot tak exercise..i feel all the fat snugging in my body. Maybe its just a state of mind, but breaking a sweat really feels good y’know.So maybe i should head to the jog park again later.

”Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness” ~Chinese Proverbs