Oh look, i have a new blog.

Another weekend is coming, and i do notice that i have a habitual update on Fridays.Well maybe its because its a good day to blog, coz usually my attention to work will lessen,thus enabling my mind to focus on blogging instead (mampus kalau bos baca nih..huhu).

Nothing much to update, except for my excitement on attending many weddings this weekend. All in all we have 5 invitations, but due to time constraints, we can only make it to 3. This is our first time attending weddings as husband and wife, so bolehla bayangkan perasaan pengantin tu camane kan?hihi..And i am planning to take lots of pictures so that i can share the experience in…..

….my new blog 🙂

header kecik

I plan to start blogging more seriously on this one. But no worries, i am still keeping My Confessionals as a more personal blog, for me and hubby.

The reason why i started Beautiful & Bright is because i have a lot to share about weddings and cookings, especially.After going through the planning for my own wedding,i came to realize that i am actually interested in the industry. I did not blog much about my own wedding affairs (coz i was too busy ;P), but now i think i am ready to share the experience and offer some opinions that might be useful for the next brides.

As for the cooking part, i think as of now all of you know that i am into it and i just love experimenting in the kitchen. Crafting has been one of my interests since i was a child,but ironically since i grew up i never really spend time doing it. During my wedding i started exploring crafts as well, so now i think i should start again.

So my dear readers, do drop by when you have time and check out my entries in Beautiful & Bright. I hope you can find it useful, if you need information for your own weddings,cookings and crafting endeavours.


Living a new life.

Majlis Pernikahan 17 Apr 09 @ Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan, Jln Duta (credits to ShasmaNizam & team, The Photographer)

Hey hey i am back.

Actually i was back from the holidays for quite some time already, but time does not seem to allow me to make an update.

So Alhamdulillah, everything is now done and settled. All 4 events went well and according to plan, and now we are moving on with our new life as husband and wife.

To be honest, it is still surreal to both of us, the fact that we are both married to each other. To find my husband sleeping beside me when i opened my eyes, and to kiss his hands when saying goodbye, is a wonderful feeling, but surreal. We are both grateful we are married, but it seems like just yesterday we first laid eyes upon each other.

Now that all the wedding tsunami is settling down, i find myself occupying myself with a new activity:


The house is like a train wreck these days, full with cartons and cardboards and boxes of gifts and stuffs from the wedding events. Not that i am not thankful for the gifts (Thank You everyone!), its just when i take out the items it left me pondering on where to dump the packaging.

Hubby is not around everyday to help me with the mess (we are still weekend couples for the time being, as hubby has to work), so its me doing most of the job for the time being. Takpe,sikit sikit lama lama jadi bukit. I am going slow and steady, while bracing myself to withhold the messiness.

All the gifts that we received was wonderful, especially from old friends from school and Mira. Thanks so much you guys for the IKEA vouchers, you really made my day. So me and hubby was down at IKEA last weekend for our shopping spree, and we managed to get a queen bed frame from there. Besides that i grabbed a couple of shelves, NORESUND bedside table and a MALM drawer chest. And lots and lots of kitchen accessories, plus a complete quilt set and storage items. Heeee 🙂

I know hubby must have been very headachy to layan my shopping frenzy, but thank you for hanging in there dear :* There is another item that we both wish that we could have, but due to logistical issues, we have to hold on first. Haih, kenapala duk jauh2…tak dapek la nak merasa PAX wardrobe yang sgt cool itu.

Next step is to rearrange some furnitures in the house, and the bedroom especially, to make room for hubby. Dulu used to live alone so bolehla conquer semua, sekarang kenalah share pulak. Hehe.

Good thing that tomorrow is a public holiday, so i have a whole day to myself. Yeay.

Finding an inspiration…

Since the first day we decided to wed i actually have set my mind that my colour pallette would be something classical and does not fade in time. My mum has given me hints that she likes the colour gold, and after giving it a thought i figured that it was not bad at all. Instead of making it gold and yellow, like my mum preferred (which i personally think that its too strong), i am going with gold and cream/ivory. So far i have managed to make things as close to the pallette as possible, but now i am a bit unsure about the “stronger” colour. There would be some hints of  Brown in my pallette, because the dais/pelamin would be of a wood tone. And, i have incorporated the colour into the family theme. But, i am yet to decide on the flowers.

I have been googling my colour pallette a lot lately, and thank God for the Internet, there are quite useful sites that is helping me with it. Besides Martha Stewart Weddings (thanks to Anis who triggered my mind to surf that site), i have found this blog -> The Perfect Pallette 

There is a lot of inspiration boards created by the writer, and of course, a lot of choices for my pallette. This would be very helpful for me to make up my mind! Yeay!

Pink, Champagne and Gold

Fuchsia and Latte (but i think Gold will go well too,no?)fuschialattechampagne

Red and Gold

Brown, Ivory and Gold

Burgundy and Gold

Burnt Orange and Gold

And here are some boards for Green, which would be the pallette for Emri’s reception.

Green, Black and White

Light Green and Lavender

As for the hantaran for my side, the colour pallette will be Red,White and Silver.So does the Solemnization Ceremony. As usual, i always love classic colours 🙂 No need inspirations for this one, i already made up my mind. Hehe.

More colour pallettes for your own inspirations on the blog. Have fun! 🙂

Oo emak, saya mau kawen (part 3)

I am having a long weekend this time, coz i was on leave last Friday. Yeay to that.Alhamdulillah, we completed our HIV test at the nearby government clinic, which to my awe, was jam packed with people. But the sad thing is, the place is too small, with too great a patient volume. Maybe they should consider to expand. We got lucky during the registration queue, coz we got the next number. Not because we skipped the line, but somehow someone put back the next number (105) on the ticket stack. The current no was 104, and the number on the stack was 112.That sped up the process.


At first i thought we needed to go to a lab or whatever to do the test. But it was just as simple as going to the Green Triage area, where they usually do consultation and take records of vital signs. So, after 40 mins, we were done. The results were sealed in an envelope together with the form, but we still know it, of course. Alhamdulillah, it was non-reactive for both of us.

So, now we are one step ahead with the legal matters. Next step is to meet the kariah for our areas, get their signature, and straight to JAWI. We plan to go next week, so hopefully everything goes well (eventhough i am a little bit worried that we cannot stick to plan coz Emri is now waiting for the verdict whether he needs to go for an outstation to Miri next week).

I have finalized my wedding dress. So i am going to meet Kak Zue my mak andam next week too to give her the green light for the tailoring.

Cards are going out soon, but i have not finished folding and tying the ribbons to it. Aiyooo. Better get started. I have completed one dulang for hantaran, so that is a good progress, not? Heheh. And here is my crammy craft corner at home :


Warghhh! So many things to do, and the irony is, i am still being a procrastinator. I deserve a slap on the face. Haha. Some help would be great..but i am not sure where to find it.. 😦

Anyway, i cooked for lunch today. Simple je, but because i have not posted food for quite some time, so here goes :



Ingredients :

1 pack of Soft Beancurd
Garlic (chopped)
Spring Onions (chopped)
Few small slices of ginger
Light soy sauce
A bit of sugar
Olive oil

1) Steam the beancurd until cooked
2) Fry the garlic until brown. Sprinkle over beancurd
3) Sautee (tumis) the ginger,then put in soy sauce
4) Put in water, and sugar
5) Simmer for a while and pour over beancurd
6) Top with Sambal Udang Kering if desired
7) Serve with hot rice

Chawan Mushi

I have an announcement.

I hereby declare that i have 2 new resolutions to add to my list :

1) GREEN is the new PINK – which means Recycling, and saying NO to plastic bags. I plan to bring my own grocery bag when i go grocery shopping. Let’s make a difference to the world. ( i dont sound corny do i? )

2) Start eating healthily, especially during dinner =)

Wish me LUCK! ( It’s quite hard actually)

So, as part of resolution no. 2, i have been browsing for healthy recipes. Last night i gave Chawan Mushi a try.

2 eggs
1 cup chicken stock
1 tsp light soy sauce
Pre-cook chicken,meat,filament stick,etc. (be creative!)
Shiitake mushrooms (or maybe button mushrooms too)
Coriander leaves (daun ketumbar) for garnishing

1)Whisk eggs gently, and pour in chicken stock and soy sauce slowly
2) Fill up 2 teacups with the chicken and mushrooms
3) Pour the whisked eggs mixture into the cups
4) Steam until the eggs are set
5) Garnish with coriander leaves

Actually you can find a variation of Chawan Mushi recipe from the Internet. So browse around and experiment. Or rather, like i always love to do, improvise =)

Happy trying!

An apology.

I am officially broke. So very broke.

That is the main reason why i have to decline some invitations to buka puasa in Kuala Lumpur. 2 events to be specific, with primary school sweethearts and with my Shadapian girls. I am so sorry for not being able to make it. Especially to the Shadapians. Travelling costs me a bomb these days, especially when i have to drive.


Looks like i have to find something to do over the weekend, to avoid from going out and spending more money. Duduk diam2 kat rumah. But the problem is, i am not the type a person who can sit still and do nothing.

I am thinking of baking some cookies for raya…hurm…found a recipe in the internet, so i think i will give it a try.

Anyway, if its succesful i will let you know. That’s for sure =P 

Meanwhile, i can’t wait for the day to end. Malas dah nak keje. Malas malas.

Another weekend project.

08.08.08 just passed by. My oh my, everyone wants to make use of the date. Weddings, especially.

I am not superstitious about numbers, so i really dont really get why the heck everyone is so excited about it. And i dont even care what date is mine next year. For me, it lies in the planning. Careful and proper planning.The rest is up to God.

Anyway, a friend of mine got married on the 8th. She had the reception on th 9th, and guess what, just the night before i was duly appointed to be the bridesmaid. My 2nd job at it. Sangat last minute, but nasib baik aku ada pengalaman. Cewah. The best part about being one is that i got the chance to dine at the bridal table. So i got extra lauk to eat, glorious glorious. Me and food, so unseparable.

On Sunday Emry dropped by to discuss on the wedding matters, and i also decided earlier that i am going to cook. After watching AFC, Chef at Home to be particular, i was tempted to try out homemade pizzas.

So here we are, another considered succesful, first attempt project, Hawaiian Chicken Pizza. Yeay =)

Diyana said it tasted like Super Supreme, and Emry said OKla, coz i got the crust overcrispy. But all in all, it was still edible so oklaaa…Making the dough broke my sweat, but i enjoyed sprinkling the toppings as much as i likeyyy…

Here is a recipe to share :

For the dough (this will make a pizza for 2-3 person)
1 cup warm water
2 tsp of oil
1 tsp dry yeast
3 1/2 cup flour
1 tsp salt

Knead with your hands until it forms a smooth dough.

For the sauce
Dice up some big onions and some garlic
1 tin tomato paste
1 tin diced tomatoes
Oregano (to taste)

For the topping
Just put whatever you like (e.g pre-cook chicken/meat, capsicum, tomatoes,mushrooms, onions, olives, etc). Do not forget mozarella cheese!

Bake in an oven with 200-250 degree Celcius for around 20-25mins until it turns brown.

Happy trying, happy eating =)

I am as happy as a bunny.

It’s kinda late to blog but Alhamdulillah, my engagement ceremony went well. Now i am officially engaged to Engku Emri Engku Abas, who would soon be my lawfully wedded husband. Insya Allah.

Erkk..was that really me saying that? Haha. Sometimes i still cant believe that we are engaged and getting married soon.

I got this question from some friends “So, apa perasaan menjadi tunangan orang? “. Frankly, i would say i am happy. Happy that we are halfway on our journey into another phase of our lives. Happy that we belong to each other now. I also feel that we grow much more attached.  

Of course, i also got advises, from friends and family. Being a fiancee means that i have to start learning to put him into my everyday life, especially when making decisions, and when doing things that normally “orang bujang” do. Being a fiancee means that i already put my hands into a lifelong commitment, meaning that i have to take his feelings and his concerns into account. Oh well, it’s hard, i admit that. Being an independent girl all along before, having the liberty to do whatever i want to do. But its OK, i am willing to change. For him of course, and for us. For love.

People say that engagement period is when the relationship is tested the most. Well that may happen, but i know that we both have the strength to make it through. Insya Allah. After all we already had 6 years of ups and downs together, and we have learned a lot.

So now i have to start thinking of the weddingla pulak..This time it will involve more things to prepare, more things to organize and do. Aiyak..At some point i think that the western style of having a bridesmaid is a great idea. They help the bride a lot! Maybe i should have a few. Heheh. I will think of it.

And since the engagement wave and settling down is now over, i find myself back in the kitchen. Papa bought a lot of fresh prawns when he was here, i cant help myself from cooking a sinful dish – Garlic Butter Prawns..so Yum!


Here are another attempts at domesticating myself:

Choc Chips and Raisins Bread pudding!

Yeay! Not bad for my first attempt. Only that i may have put a little too much ground cinnamon, it smelled like a cinnamon roll already. Pour generous amounts of Hersheys Chocolate and it was love. Hehe. Habeh spoil diet aku. Thanks to Diyana who sponsored the bread loaf =)

I just love herb gardens, and here is my attempt at growing them. Thanks to my bakal ibu mertuaku, who gave me the cili padi seeds, daun kesum and curry baby tree.So nampaknya percubaan ini kena berjaya. If not saya akan malu. Keh3. But so far so good, except for the pandan trees which died! Alamak!